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Monthly recalls are pretty much the lifeblood of a dental practice and most practices enjoy great response rates - as high as 90% in many cases. What happens to all those patients that fail to respond?
Our monthly Recall Response Booster solution is designed to reduce patient attrition. There’s no question most practices achieve a great response to their monthly recalls and this solution has been designed to ensure those patients that FAIL to respond are consistently followed up by telephone to generate an appointment. In doing so, you keep your patients ‘active’ and prevent them drifting away from your practice. You reduce your need to invest in new patient generation to replace those that you lose and of course, you generate immediate income. Operating on a very simple, risk free ‘pay-by-results’ commercial model, this solution makes perfect sense for practices that want to retain all their patients. Following up your recalls in-house? Don’t fret - using our service is still a viable option. Not only do we dedicate a team to manage all follow up calls for you (even calling out of hours and at weekends if necessary), we also put in place all the project management at no extra charge so you and your practice team can focus on delivering great service in the practice rather than trying to find time to fit in follow-up calls whenever they can. To find out more about this unique service that makes sure your recall response rates increase, either call us or complete the form below.
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“At an average of 87% response to our recalls, we were patting ourselves on the back. Our reception team attempted to follow up patients that didn’t respond, but they struggled because of their day-to-day workload. Getting you involved generated a further 8% response to last month’s recalls. That equates to 39 more patients retained.” Kelly - Practice Manager - Devonshire Place
“Your pay-per-appointment pricing makes perfect sense for us in following up our recalls to increase response. When we looked at it closely, our investment in you was almost the same as our investment in doing this in the practice but required none of my management time. Looking forward to next month” Sarah - Business Manager - Bradford