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You’re probably getting a new patients registering with you each month and you can take a bit of comfort knowing that your marketing is working somewhere. But how many patients do you lose each month?
Our telephone based Patient Reactivation solution is designed to engage with patients that have attended your practice at some point but have failed to return despite your best efforts to recall them. Our objective is to re-engage, reacquaint and reactivate patients by telephone, bringing them back into your practice by booking an appointment directly into your diary during our live calls. In doing so, you win back patients you thought you’d lost and generate immediate income. You also have the opportunity to identify the need for further treatment and so on. Just 25 reactivated patients a month could result in tens of thousands of pounds coming back to you, rather than being lost to a competitor. Add that to your new patient acquisition activity and the business begins to really fly. To get an idea of how many patients are sitting in your database that you haven’t seen in the last 4 years, take a look at your database. Unsure of where to start? Download our guide on running a query in EXACT or R4. Want to find out the potential income a patient reactivation campaign could generate ? Download the patient reactivation income estimator above.
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