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As reported in Dentistry 29th March 2021… “… from 1 January 2021, dental practices were asked to deliver 45% of their contracts in order to avoid financial penalties. But now this threshold has been risen to 60% from 1 April 2021. It is set to last until 1 October 2021. Currently, practices delivering less than 36% of their pre-COVID activity are subject to financial penalties. NHS England estimates that around 11% of contract holders are now in this position. From April 1 2021, clawback will not be applied to practices delivering at least 50% of their contracted UDAs. This rate will then reduce linearly down to the existing lower rate of 36%. Normal clawback will apply below these levels”. It’s not our position to comment on the right’s or wrong’s here, but we can help NHS practices avoid penalties and clawbacks. Get in touch today on 0845 643 2694 to find out how we can support you as restrictions ease.
“As we come out of lockdown and confidence returns to society in general, dental practices that have been hit hard by the pandemic need all the support they can get if they’re to get back to pre-COVID appointment levels. Our slick, fully managed telemarketing campaigns that generate appointments directly into clinicians’ diaries are a vital communication tool to add into the marketing mix” Jonathan Webster - Managing Director
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