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Patient acquisition, reactivation & retention - we’ve got some great solutions for dentists All dental practices need sales and to achieve a sale, you need patients. So if you’re looking for a partner that can generate sales, it’s the one thing we do really really well for dentists. You see it’s all down to how we operate. We’re experienced, driven and almost obsessive when it comes to using the telephone to engage with new and past patients. We focus on YOUR practice and we’re only interested in succeeding for YOU. Oh, you’ll also be pleased to learn our processes are fully GDPR compliant and our professionalism in representing you, your practice and your brand is second to none. That’s why we’re THE #1 telemarketing agency working solely with dentists in the UK right now. Effective use of the telephone has never been more important as a tool to differentiate your practice and engage with patients who are either beginning or restarting their journey with you. We concede, the telephone isn’t the first communication method we use these days, but let’s face it, somewhere along the line, there has to be a one-to-one conversation, right?
“Telemarketing, telesales, sales… these seem to have become dirty words in dentistry. Practices need sales and without a consistent flow of patients, there’s no consistent flow of sales. I’m always amazed at the thousands and thousands of pounds in unclaimed, immediate income left on the table by dentists that aren’t getting us involved in fully managed telemarketing campaigns to make and take calls that are best handled away from the front desk.” Jonathan Webster - Managing Director
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